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Francis Tucker

Francis Tucker

Francis Tucker comes from an artistic family with a long cultural tradition.

His grandparents were artists in Germany and Austria.

Tucker was born in 1964 in Cologne, Germany. As a child he painted often together with his grandfather and friends.

In the 80s he saw for the first time original paintings by Keith Haring and became influenced by his work.

In 1995 Tucker began to make his own way as a professional artist in his own style.

He developed a figure he named “Tucker”.

This is a figure which is reduced to the maximum possible to show an outlined person. This bold outline is also the central criteria in his artwork, emblems and figures.

The Tuckers have no arms and the legs are standing closed.

His paintings show peoples’ problems in the daily grind of life and in the political world.

The Tuckers are motionless in their environments, motionless in their activity.

They are motionless if they must come to a decision, all adding to the problems of life in our modern-day world.

Being motionless does not mean the Tuckers have no position, they in fact have very strong opinions about many things.

Upon first viewing, the Tucker world is colorful and divulges cheerfulness and happiness. But appearances are deceiving.

The problems of humanity are shown in Tucker’s subtle presentations through his paintings.

Whether happiness, fear, anxiety, worry or hope, the whole spectrum of our innerlife (innerworld) is presented by this artist.

Francis Tucker’s work contains more than 700 original canvases in the last several years.

The artist has had numerous exhibitions and is selling widely in his native Germany, and has also published his work throughout Europe.

Tucker’s catalog raisonné will be released in 2010.

Francis Tucker now begins his American premiere with Galerie St. George.

Galerie St. George is the exclusive United States representative and manager of Francis Tucker.

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